Portable eyewash

A portable eyewash (portable eyewash) is an eyewash not connected to the water supply, which can be carried by one person without additional assistance and can be stored or mounted in the immediate vicinity of the user to ensure quick rinsing of the eyes - definition from the PN EN standard 15154-4. Portable eyewashes are factory-filled with rinsing fluid and are intended as first aid in cases of eye exposure to harmful substances.

Actions taken during the first seconds after an accident in which the eyes are exposed to harmful substances are most important to limit the scope of injuries as much as possible. Portable eyewashers are designed and intended to be placed in close proximity to people working in potentially dangerous areas. The main purpose of these devices is to enable immediate rinsing of the eyes. Portable eyewashes also enable continued eye rinsing while transporting the injured person to a medical aid point.

Portable Eyewash 2008


In the portable version, Eyewash 2008 was placed on a tripod. You can take this eyewash with you and place it anywhere. The eyewash contains two bottles (spray) with eye fluid. The contents of the bottles are enough for 15 minutes of eye washing.


Disposable eyewash


The bottle (spray) contains 250 ml of eye wash, which is enough for 15 minutes of eye wash.

The liquid is intended for rinsing and cleaning the eyes after contact with harmful substances and, in cases of biological threats, for cleaning the eyes from dust and dirt. Used to moisturize the eyes. Shelf life of the flushing liquid: 36 months from the production date