Elipsa 15 thermostatic eyewash valve


The thermostatic mixing valve (GIA-Premix cat. no. 755 9750) has been designed specifically for mixing hot and cold water supplying eye washers and eye and face washers.


Vertical Shower, ceiling mounting, ABS shower head Elipsa-Lab 1100


Ceiling shower

Mounted to a vertical pipe coming from the ceiling. A safety shower is first aid for chemical accidents. Often used in chemical laboratories where there are suspended ceilings. The shower head is made of weather-resistant ABS material or stainless steel - on request.


Wall mounting Eyewash, ABS bowl 2210


Elipsa-Lab 2210 wall-mounted eye washers for eyes and face

connected to the water supply, it perfectly washes the eyes and face. Designed for installation in places where there is a risk of chemical substances being splashed on the face, or there is a risk of damaging the eyes with solid contaminants, e.g. dust. Thanks to its bright yellow color, the eyewash is visible even to a person who has limited vision after an accident.


Portable Eyewash 2008


In the portable version, Eyewash 2008 was placed on a tripod. You can take this eyewash with you and place it anywhere. The eyewash contains two bottles (spray) with eye fluid. The contents of the bottles are enough for 15 minutes of eye washing.


Thermostatic valve 122 lpm at Δ2 bar


The Elipsa 25 thermostatic mixing valve (cat. no. 195120) has been designed specifically for mixing hot and cold water to supply emergency kits consisting of safety showers and eye and face washers.


Faucet-Mounted Eyewash


Faucet-Mounted Eyewash G1100

Faucet-mounted eyewashes convert any faucet into an emergency eyewash station without interfering with normal faucet operation. An unit can be installed at any sink, close to where accidents might occur. In an emergency, the unit is quickly located and activated, and provides an unlimited supply of potable water for rinsing the user’s eyes.


Disposable eyewash


The bottle (spray) contains 250 ml of eye wash, which is enough for 15 minutes of eye wash.

The liquid is intended for rinsing and cleaning the eyes after contact with harmful substances and, in cases of biological threats, for cleaning the eyes from dust and dirt. Used to moisturize the eyes. Shelf life of the flushing liquid: 36 months from the production date

Elipsa 1141 natrysk bezpieczeństwa montowany nad drzwiami

Over door Shower, right control, ABS shower head Elipsa-Lab 1141


Safety shower mounted to the wall above the door

The safety shower bowl is located in the axis of the door opening and the rod for activating the shower is located on the wall next to the door, outside the door opening. Thanks to this solution, you can freely enter the room. Thanks to the chemical-resistant polyamide coating, they can be installed even in aggressive environments. Elipsa-Lab emergency showers are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality system


Stainless steel eyewash


Elipsa-Lab 2210 SN eye wash bowl

Made of stainless steel. This washer is resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. Equipping with a siphon makes it easier to connect the drain to the sewage system. Thanks to the well-combined colors, the eyewash, in addition to meeting the requirements of occupational health and safety regulations, can also be a decoration for the laboratory.


Shower and Eyewash, wall mounting, ABS shower head / bowl Elipsa-Lab 4285


Wall-mounted shower with an eyewash

The set consists of a shower for rinsing the entire body and an eye and face wash. This eyewash shower is mounted to the wall using system brackets. Easy installation: one connection for the eyewash and shower, power supply from the top 1". Securely attached to the wall with 8 screws. Mounting the set on the wall makes it easier to clean the floor and keep the room clean. The safety showers sold by our company differ from others in that that in the standard version they have a chemical-resistant anti-corrosion coating that ensures long-term use even in aggressive atmospheres.