Eyespray 2008

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The eyewash is loaded with two spray bottles.


The new type of eyewash

    The eyewash is activated automatically by pulling the cover and letting it fall down.
    The eyewash is loaded with two spray bottles- each bottle contains a sterile 0,9% buffered sodium chloride solution.
    The flushing time exceeds 15 min.
    When the shower has been activated both your hands are free to keep your eyelids open while your eyes and face is flushed.
    Requires no adjustment to the water mains, which eliminates all eventual problems with Legionella bacteria.
    During transportation of the injured person to hospital separate spray bottles should be used.
    Suitable applications are industries, laboratories, hospitales and all enviroments with limited access to the water mains.
    Each bottle has an expiration date after 3 years.



Oczomyjka 2008

Oczomyjka która nie wymaga podłaczenia do instalacji wodociągowej

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