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Shower and Eyewash, wall mounting, ABS shower head / bowl Elipsa-Lab 4285

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Wall-mounted shower with an eyewash

The set consists of a shower for rinsing the entire body and an eye and face wash. This eyewash shower is mounted to the wall using system brackets. Easy installation: one connection for the eyewash and shower, power supply from the top 1". Securely attached to the wall with 8 screws. Mounting the set on the wall makes it easier to clean the floor and keep the room clean. The safety showers sold by our company differ from others in that that in the standard version they have a chemical-resistant anti-corrosion coating that ensures long-term use even in aggressive atmospheres.



  • MATERIALS: Galvanized steel piping. Brass fittings.
  • ANTICORROSIVE PLASTIC COATING: Polyamide with a thickness of 250-300 microns, in high-visibility yellow color.
  • WATER INLET: Female thread ISO 228 G1"
  • WATER INLET PRESSURE: Recommended 2 bar / Min. 1.5 bar / Max. 8 bar


  • MATERIALS: Shower head in ABS plastic.
  • FLOW RATE: Regulated at 110 l/min.
  • OPERATION: Pull rod.
  • VALVE: Full bore valve 1"


  • MATERIALS: Eyewash assembly and Eyewash bowl in ABS plastic. Two high-flow aerated water sprays at low pressure with automatic opening anti-dust cover.
  • FLOW RATE: Regulated at 22 l/min.
  • OPERATION: Push handle.
  • VALVE: Full bore valve 1/2"
  • WASTE: Female thread ISO 228 G1-1/4"


  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Dimensions: 141 x 27 x 13 cm

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Elipsa-Lab 4285



Natrysk bezpieczeństwa Elipsa 4285 karta katalogowa

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Rysunek DWG oczomyjka 4285

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