Thermostatic valves for eyewashes

Just as important as ensuring a constant supply of the right amount of water is providing water at the right temperature. An injured person using an eyewash or safety shower must be provided with a water temperature such that he or she is able and willing to stay in the shower until the hazardous substance is completely rinsed off. Rinsing the burnt areas should take at least 15 minutes. Elipsa thermostatic valves maintain a temperature of + 25 degrees Celsius recommended by the following standards:

PN-EN 15154-5 Safety showers (emergency showers) for body with overhead shower for places other than laboratories

PN-EN 15154-2 Eye washers (eyewashes) connected to the water supply system

PN-EN 15154-1 Safety showers (emergency showers) in the laboratory

Elipsa 15 thermostatic...

Elipsa 15 thermostatic eyewash valve


The thermostatic mixing valve (GIA-Premix cat. no. 755 9750) has been designed specifically for mixing hot and cold water supplying eye washers and eye and face washers.


Thermostatic valve 122 lpm at Δ2 bar


The Elipsa 25 thermostatic mixing valve (cat. no. 195120) has been designed specifically for mixing hot and cold water to supply emergency kits consisting of safety showers and eye and face washers.