Safety showers

The main purpose of using safety showers is to provide a large amount of water immediately. They are used to extinguish flames or rinse the body after contact with harmful substances. They should be installed where employees may come into contact with chemicals, e.g. in places of storage, production or reloading. Installations and tanks in which corrosive substances are under pressure are also dangerous, and leaking even a small amount may cause the entire body to be splashed.

Vertical Shower, ceiling mounting, ABS shower head Elipsa-Lab 1100


Ceiling shower

Mounted to a vertical pipe coming from the ceiling. A safety shower is first aid for chemical accidents. Often used in chemical laboratories where there are suspended ceilings. The shower head is made of weather-resistant ABS material or stainless steel - on request.


Horizontal Shower, wall mounting, ABS shower head Elipsa-Lab 1110


Emergency shower

Designed for rinsing hazardous substances from the body and extinguishing the clothing of a victim after a fire accident. The stream of water flowing from the shower head covers the entire body. The Elipsa-Lab 1110 safety shower is mounted to a horizontal pipe coming out of the wall. The bright yellow color of safety showers is recommended by occupational health and safety specialists. Due to the delicate nature of eye and face tissues, eye washers should not be used to wash them.

Elipsa 1141 natrysk bezpieczeństwa montowany nad drzwiami

Over door Shower, right control, ABS shower head Elipsa-Lab 1141


Safety shower mounted to the wall above the door

The safety shower bowl is located in the axis of the door opening and the rod for activating the shower is located on the wall next to the door, outside the door opening. Thanks to this solution, you can freely enter the room. Thanks to the chemical-resistant polyamide coating, they can be installed even in aggressive environments. Elipsa-Lab emergency showers are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality system


Shower and Eyewash, wall mounting, ABS shower head / bowl Elipsa-Lab 4285


Wall-mounted shower with an eyewash

The set consists of a shower for rinsing the entire body and an eye and face wash. This eyewash shower is mounted to the wall using system brackets. Easy installation: one connection for the eyewash and shower, power supply from the top 1". Securely attached to the wall with 8 screws. Mounting the set on the wall makes it easier to clean the floor and keep the room clean. The safety showers sold by our company differ from others in that that in the standard version they have a chemical-resistant anti-corrosion coating that ensures long-term use even in aggressive atmospheres.