oczomyjka z syfonem Elipsa 2210 S
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Eyewash with siphon mounted on the wall

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Eye and face wash with siphon Elipsa-Lab 2210 S

This eyewash differs from others in that it is equipped with a siphon. Thanks to the fact that we have chosen the right siphon, you no longer have to wonder how to connect the eyewash to the sewage system. You will get everything you need together in the set. The stream of water flowing from the shower heads is gentle and abundant at the same time, perfectly washing the face and eyes. Produced in accordance with the ISO 9001 system, recommended by occupational health and safety specialists.


Technical data

Main features

  • Materials: Brass fittings
  • Anti-corrosion coating: Polyamide, 250-300 microns thick, very visible bright yellow.
  • Water inlet: ISO 228 G1/2" external thread
  • Water inlet pressure: Recommended 2 bar/min. 1.5 bar / max. 8 bar

Eye wash

  • Materials: Eyewash heads, eyewash bowl made of ABS plastic. There are caps on the shower heads to protect against external contamination: dust and dust. The heads contain filters that retain impurities from the water supply system.
  • Flow: Adjustable at 22 l/min
  • Starting: Manually by pressing the flap
  • Valve: 1/2"
  • Drain: Chrome-plated siphon
  • Packaging: Weight: 3.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 51 x 36 x 13 cm

Product Details

Elipsa 2210 S



Oczomyjka z syfonem Elipsa 2210 S Karta katalogowa

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Rysunek DWG oczomyjka 2210

Rysunek DWG oczomyjka Elipsa 2210

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