Oczomyjka Elipsa 2210 SN
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Stainless steel eyewash

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Elipsa-Lab 2210 SN eye wash bowl

Made of stainless steel. This washer is resistant to mechanical and chemical damage. Equipping with a siphon makes it easier to connect the drain to the sewage system. Thanks to the well-combined colors, the eyewash, in addition to meeting the requirements of occupational health and safety regulations, can also be a decoration for the laboratory.


Technical data

Main features

  • Materials: Brass fittings
  • Anti-corrosion coating: Polyamide, 250-300 microns thick, very visible yellow.
  • Water inlet: ISO 228 G1/2" external thread
  • Water inlet pressure: Recommended 2 bar/min. 1.5 bar / max. 8 bar


  • Materials: Eyewash bowl made of stainless steel, eyewash heads made of ABS. There are caps on the shower heads to protect against external contamination: dust and dust. The heads contain filters that retain impurities from the water supply system.
  • Flow: Adjustable at 22 l/min
  • Starting: Manually by pressing the flap
  • Valve: 1/2"
  • Drain: Chrome-plated siphon
  • Packaging: Weight: 4.0 kg
  • Dimensions: 51 x 36 x 13 cm

Product Details

Elipsa 2210 SN



Oczomyjka z syfonem Elipsa 2210 SN Karta katalogowa

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Rysunek DWG oczomyjka 2210

Rysunek DWG oczomyjka Elipsa 2210

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