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Pedestal Shower and Eyewash, ABS shower head / bowl Elipsa-Lab 4220

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Floor-mounted safety shower with eyewash

Free-standing, does not require any supporting structure. Recommended for installation in places where there are no walls or the wall structure prevents the installation of wall-mounted showers. The eyewash and safety shower can be used separately. Due to the fact that the chemical-resistant coating is bright yellow, our devices are perfectly visible even to a person whose vision is limited after an accident with chemicals.



  • MATERIALS: Galvanized steel piping. Brass fittings.
  • ANTICORROSIVE PLASTIC COATING: Polyamide with a thickness of 250-300 microns, in high-visibility yellow color.
  • WATER INLET: Female thread ISO 228 G1-1/4"
  • WATER INLET PRESSURE: Recommended 2 bar / Min. 1.5 bar / Max. 8 bar


  • MATERIALS: Shower head in ABS plastic.
  • FLOW RATE: Regulated at 110 l/min.
  • OPERATION: Pull rod.
  • VALVE: Full bore valve 1"


  • MATERIALS: Eyewash assembly and Eyewash bowl in ABS plastic. Two high-flow aerated water sprays at low pressure with automatic opening anti-dust cover.
  • FLOW RATE: Regulated at 22 l/min.
  • OPERATION: Push handle.
  • VALVE: Full bore valve 1/2"
  • WASTE: Female thread ISO 228 G1-1/4"


  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Dimensions: 76 x 27 x 22 cm

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Elipsa-Lab 4220



Zestaw kombinowany Elipsa 4220 karta katalogowa natrysk bezpieczeństwa

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Rysunek DWG oczomyjka 4220

Rysunek DWG Elipsa 4220 natrysk bezpieczeństwa z oczomyjką, wolnostojący

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