Oczomyjka 2008

Eyewash 2008

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Due to the fact that Oczomyjka 2008 does not require connection to the water supply system, it can be installed anywhere. The eyewasher contains two bottles (spray) containing eyewash liquid that is enough for 15 minutes of eyewashing. The liquid used saves the eyes much more effectively than plain water. The 2008 eye washer is activated with one hand movement and continues to operate automatically. Eyewash 2008 is also available in a frost-resistant version and can be connected to an alarm system.


If an accident happens and a chemical gets into your eye, what should you do? You can save your eyesight, every second counts. Eyewash 2008 can be installed in the immediate vicinity of people working in potentially dangerous places because it does not require connection to the installation. The eyewash is activated with one hand movement. Lowering the lid automatically opens the bottles. The liquid in the spray condenses on the face, eyelids and eyes, washing them at the same time. After activating the eyewash, the user has free hands and can hold the eyelids wide open while washing the eyes. The contents of the bottles are enough for 15 minutes of rinsing. Eyewash 2008 was awarded a medal at the EUROLAB 2008 fair. We recommend purchasing spare bottles that can be used to wash eyes, e.g. when transporting an injured person to a medical aid point. Eyewash 2008 is made of stainless steel.

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Oczomyjka 2008

Oczomyjka która nie wymaga podłaczenia do instalacji wodociągowej

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